A-Light wins Two LIT Design Awards™

Date: 16 December 2021 Category: Products

Oceanside, CA, December 16, 2021 – A-Light (www.alights.com), an established best-in-class manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, is pleased to announce its Absorb I and Relay luminaires have received LIT Design Awards™.

The LIT Design Awards were created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. Each submitted design was evaluated by an esteemed jury of designers and leaders in the lighting, interior design, and architectural fields.

Absorb I was recognized in the Pendant Lighting category.  It is a suspended luminaire with vertical acoustic panels that feature a flanged profile design. Available in two- and four-foot lengths, fixtures can be combined with a discreet joiner system hidden within the luminaire's felt for seamless designs. Continuous runs, squares or rectangles can be created using 90 or 180-degree angle joiners. Designers can choose various light distributions to achieve the desired direct or indirect illumination.

Relay won in the Linear Lighting Systems category. With curved and softened design elements, Relay can be configured into diverse geometric patterns with a seamlessly lit shape. Designers can experiment with dimensions or configure multiple profiles to create an entirely new form. Relay’s direct lighting offers reduced glare, continuous illumination throughout the fixture, including corners. Indirect lighting features high-performance TIR optics for more controlled and efficient light.

Category: Products