Eco Forward

Recycled Extrusion

While the creation of superior, energy-efficient luminaires is our specialty, A-Light strives to integrate an eco-aware way of thinking into all our everyday practices.

Most of our luminaires are produced using housings made of aluminum extrusion containing 60% recycled aluminum. Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy required to produce virgin material. Aluminum can be recycled and reused over and over without losing any of its characteristic attributes, so there is no quality degradation in using recycled aluminum.

A-Light recycles 100% of all scrap metal, cardboard and packaging paper waste. And, also recycles consumer goods such as all soda cans, plastic bottles, and ink cartridges. Obsolete paperwork is shredded on a daily basis.

Our products are designed for LED sources making our luminaires very compact. The use of one of our standard luminaires equates to 89% less shipping volume, 72% less shipping weight and 65% less packaging required, than a standard 2ft x 4ft troffer - and with less wattage and better lighting characteristics.

Our highly impact-resistant cardboard packaging is made of an average of 20-30% recycled fibre content. Rather than box each individual fixture, we utilize a unique method of foam inserts to hold multiple fixtures in one box, reducing the box surface area and therefore cardboard by as much as 34%. This reduces on-site material waste as well as cleanup effort. Our foam inserts are made of 100% post-industrial recycled polyethylene and can also be recycled.

We package all our products in the most efficient way possible, pre-planning truck space and pallet dimensions required for specific jobs to maximize each load. Partial shipments are only done upon request to reduce fuel consumption and minimize truck traffic.

Many of our most important suppliers are within a 90-mile radius. We strive to use local businesses in everything we purchase, from extrusions, powdercoat appliers, lens and sensor manufacturers to packaging and even marketing materials, right down to our Callaway promotional golf balls!

LEED points are awarded for energy reduction. A-Light designs specifically toward LEED goals of reduced watts per square foot. The utilization of LED lamping in all fixtures is standard. Refined, effective optical platforms designed around these sources significantly contribute to LEED point acquisition.