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The magnetic Align system can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended. Mounting types can be combined for complex lighting designs across ceilings, walls and around corners. Align can host numerous modules, including: linear 1 ft regressed optics with Baffled Optics available in 22 degrees and 55 degrees, or HE Tech™ lens; two sizes of Alta projector, each in two light distribution angles that rotate 355 degrees and pivot 90 degrees; and two types of linear Edge modules, one with a rounded lens and one with a square – flush or drop lens.


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A-Light Introduces Magnetic Architectural Lighting System

Oceanside, CA, June 23, 2020 – A-Light, an established best-in-class manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, today announced the launch of its Align module-based architectural lighting system. Align is an easily specifiable and highly configurable system designed to accommodate the changing needs of any space before and after installation.

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