A-Light Expands Color Range for Sound Absorbing Luminaires

Date: 29 October 2020 Category: Corporate

Oceanside, CAOctober 29, 2020  A-Light, an established best-in-class manufacturer of specification grade interior lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that its acoustic luminaires are now available in 30 colors. 

In addition to its standard selection (red, navy, silver gray, charcoal gray), A-Light now offers 26 premium colors of acoustic material. Designers can experiment with room-defining bursts of color across a ceiling or wall. Or, choose from a palette of neutral beige, brown, and gray tones for a more conservative or subtle look.  

Sound absorbing acoustic panels are comprised of high-density PET (polyethylene/polyester) felt. Composed of at least 40% recycled content, it is also 100% recyclable. When sound encounters the felt fibers, the fibers move slightly to absorb a portion of the sound. The technology contributes to the acoustic comfort of a space.  Acoustic luminaires available in this expanded color range include A-Light’s award winning Absorb and Atlas products. Absorb is a family of high-performance lighting panels in either horizontal or vertical orientation, and Atlas is a series of elegantly slim circular fixtures.  


Category: Corporate