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Stride is a linear module that is part of Align, an easily specifiable and highly configurable lighting system designed to accommodate the changing needs of any space. The magnetic modules come with multiple light and mounting options and, with tool-free installation and removal capabilities, the opportunity to create unique configurations are almost infinite. Stride modules are available in 1 ft., 2 ft., 3 ft., and 4 ft. lengths. It comes standard with two lens positions: flush and drop lens and two lens shapes: squared and rounded. Align comes with several control options: Choose from nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired lighting control solutions, wireless Casambi, or through standard 0-10V dimming with dual circuit.

Using nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired lighting control solutions allow the luminaires to digitally communicate with other nLight® enabled controls such as dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors, and photocontrols. Enhance any space with a simple, scalable, and connected lighting system that provides both energy savings and increased configurability. 



Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.

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1. Can the Align be emergency wired? Yes, Align’s indirect portion of the system can be emergency wired. Please refer to our design assist team if this emergency solution is suitable for your project.

2. What mounting combinations are possible? You can transition from surface to suspended and vice versa. Recessed is limited to any combination of the recessed mounting options.

3. Can I use both 0-10 and Casambi modules? Yes. The indirect part of the system is 0-10V ready. Therefore, you can dim the 0-10V modules with a traditional dimmer and control the wireless Casambi modules using the free app on your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone. The wireless modules are not influenced by the 0-10V signal.

4. Is Align available with modulus? At the moment ALIGN is not modulus compatible.

5. Can my pattern have several power feeds? Several power drops can be added to non-standard patterns. Please consult factory for details or for help on configuring your unique pattern.

6. How long can I go with one power feed? The rule of thumb is 100W/12ft. A single power feed can power up to 12ft of high output uplight and/or a maximum of 100W worth of accessories.

7. Do I need a power drop at every power feed? If you have integrated drivers, you can go a long way with one power drop, but with remote drivers, you will need one at every power feed.

8. Can I have remote and integrated drivers in the same system? Yes. You can use any driver mounting option to fit your project.

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