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Replacement of ACCOLED - ACL3

At 2.25" wide x 3.375" high, the ACL3ST is a precisely designed direct luminaire tailored directly to LED lighting technology and fully capable of achieving pattern design due to its minimal housing shape, use of patented HE Tech™ lens, and excellent distribution. Optimized thermal performance, optical performance, and versatility in installation are provided in a functional and aesthetically pleasing slim profile.

Experience faster and easier installation with slotted mounting tops for installation adjustability, no need to remove internal parts during installation, and a product length that exactly matches the nominal length.

Available as standard 4', 8', 12' individual fixtures that can be joined to create continuous row lengths.

ACL3ST is a high quality fixture with  features such as nLight® Wired and nLight® Air options, dim to warm, and 2700K to 5000K white tuning. Quickship is available for delivery under 15 days.

Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.

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