Accolade D4

  • Product Family Accolade
  • Location Interior
  • Application Wet location
  • Dimensions 3.57" x 2.57"
  • Source LED, Single
  • Mounting Type
  • Distribution
    Indirect Indirect
    Asymmetric Asymmetric
  • nLight Enabled Icon nLight Enabled


Spec Sheet
Installation Instructions

features and benefits

At 3.5" x 2.5" high, the accolade4 presents a uniform distribution along the surface of the wall or ceiling with negligible backsplash and minimal hot spots on the surface closest to the luminaire. Its powerful asymmetric throw has made it our most popular fixture for window mullion mounting and corridor applications. 

Elements are standard 4', 8', 12' individual fixtures that can be joined to create continuous row lengths.

Integrations enable design versatility and opens up opportunity to unify lighting and architectural design.

Accolade4 offers the option to use nLight® AIR or nLight® Wired lighting control solutions which allow the luminaires to digitally communicate with other nLight® enabled controls such as dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors, and photocontrols. Enhance any space with a simple, scalable, and connected lighting system that provides both energy savings and increased configurability.    

Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.


In which application is this fixture best utilized?
Applications include: office, corridor, atrium, concourse, showroom, lobby, interior mullion, wet location applications such as parking garages, covered walkways, port-cocheres, natatoriums, exterior mullion.
Facilities include: corporate offices, libraries, schools and universities, government and municipal buildings, upscale hospitality and retail, healthcare and transportation facilities, cultural venues.

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