Absorb ABI

  • Product Family Absorb
  • Location Interior
  • Application Dry location
  • Dimensions 5.47" x 13.21"
  • Source
  • Mounting Type
  • Distribution
    Direct Indirect Direct / Indirect
    Direct Direct
    Indirect Indirect
  • nLight Enabled Icon nLight Enabled


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features and benefits

Absorb I is a suspended luminaire with vertical acoustic panels that feature flanged profile design. Available in two and four-foot lengths, Absorb I luminaires enable designers to explore their creativity. Fixtures can be combined with a discreet joiner system hidden within the luminaire's felt for seamless designs. Continuous runs, squares or rectangles can be created using 90 or 180-degree angle joiners.

Designers can choose various light distributions to achieve the desired direct or indirect illumination. Absorb I's direct lighting delivers reduced glare. Indirect optics allow for efficient and controled light. Unlit versions are also available, ideal for applications where more sound absorption is required while maintaining design consistency within a space.

Thermoformed acoustic panels, available in four standard and 26 premium colors, enable designers to define a space or complement an existing aesthetic. The polyester felt panels, manufactured with recycled plastic bottles (PET), are 100% recyclable.

Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.

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1. Are other fixture sizes available? For the moment, the Absorb I is only available in a nominal 2’ and 4’ configuration.

2. Is it possible to have acute joiner angles? It is not possible to create joiners with an angle inferior to 90 degrees because the joined fixtures would collide and create misalignment.

​3. Are other mounting options available? No other mounting options are available at this time.

4. Is it possible to join 2’ and 4’ fixtures to create patterns?​ Yes, it is possible to connect all fixture sizes together.

5. Is nLight® Wired available in the Absorb I? nLight® Wired is supported in the Absorb I platform. It is not possible to have fixture mounted nLight® Wired modules and sensors.

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