• Product Family Lean
  • Location Interior
  • Application Damp Location
  • Dimensions 2'x2'
  • Source
  • Mounting Type
  • Distribution
    Direct Direct
  • nLight Enabled Icon nLight Enabled
    Available in FastTrack FAST TRACK SHIPPING


Spec Sheet
Install Guide

Lean is a 2’ x 2’ patent-pending acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. An indirect distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that suppresses glare and shadows. Designers can use the multi-functional fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs in applications such as office spaces.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Lean’s design. Shipping with only three collapsible components, Lean is 80% lighter than a typical 2’ x 2’ fixture. It is estimated that the overall shipping impact is reduced by as much as 88%. Lean is also Declare label listed, which enhances transparency and simplifies material tracking. The Declare label will help to identify Lean’s components, including red list-free non-harmful chemicals such as the electrical wiring.

Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.

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