Walgreens in Hollywood at Sunset and Vine is the iconic drugstore chain’s 8,000th location and is the first flagship store in the west. Its new features embody the surrounding Hollywood culture: an upscale wine shop, a boutique cosmetics counter complete with beauty advisors, and an Upmarket Café offering premium coffee, a juice/smoothie/frozen yogurt bar, and hundreds of fresh food items including sandwiches, salads and even hand-rolled sushi, made daily.

Lighting all these unique new features is A-Light's A1 | arcature1 direct/indirect luminaire utilizing our 'library' baffle to provide 30° cutoff for glare reduction and to direct light onto the retail stacks. Various length rows of the A1, up to 52 ft long, were suspended directly over each aisle, between each row of product shelving, and close to the ceiling to provide greater ambient illumination.

Architect: Peruzzi Architects
Lighting Designer: Aurora Lighting Design
Photographer: Steve Lerum


  • Location
    Hollywood, CA
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

Inspiration 2340x324 V2