Taubman Museum of Art

Taubman Museum of Art

The Taubmen Museum of Art, Roanoke’s most visible and contemporary structure, consists of forms and materials chosen to emulate the mountains and valleys of the surrounding Shenandoah, while invoking Roanokes’ future as a technological powerhouse. The building consists of exhibition galleries and education facilities, along with a library, auditorium, cafe and museum store. The design features many sustainable elements, including day lighting and computerized building management systems.

The fritted glass atrium allows the lobby to be filled with natural light during the day. In the evening, the peaked glass roof and canopy surfaces are illuminated by the D4 | accolade4, creating a glowing tower of light.

The D4 | accolade4 fixtures are mullion-mounted, both on the inside and outside mullions. Placed on top of the horizontal mullion and linked via wet location connectors and cabling, individual fixtures are situated in between vertical mullions. The dual-fixture usage simultaneously illuminates the canopy on the outside, as well as the ceiling on the inside, producing a soft diffusion of light.

Architect: Randall Stout Architects
Lighting Designer: Lam Partners
Photographer: Timothy Hursley


  • Location
    Roanoke, VA
  • Category
    Exterior Lighting

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Inspiration 2340x324 V2