Sutter Eden Medical Center

The new $320-million, 230,000-sq-ft Sutter Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, CA was designed with energy-efficiency in mind. This healthcare project used a new 10-party Integrated Form of Agreement. All participant trade partners, from the owner, architect and general contractor (typical for a standard IFOA), to all the secondary contractors for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and design participants, signed a contract to work together as the Integrated Project Delivery team. Their collective goal was to eliminate waste via LEAN methods and deliver the project on or under budget, at 30% under the standard time frame.

A-Light’s A4 | arcature4 direct/indirect 4ft luminaires are positioned in private rooms above each patient bed, while indirect asymmetrical illumination using the minimalistic B4 | arrris4 line the walls of the corridors.

Architect: Devenney Group Ltd.
Lighting Designer: Candela
Photographer: Steve Lerum


  • Location
    Castro Valley, CA
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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