The new Sundial shopping, retail, and entertainment complex is a fitting addition to St. Petersburg’s iconic identity as “The Sunshine City.” Along with indoor shopping, climate-controlled dining, and covered parking, the center is also an architecturally stunning work of art. The originality begins with a three-story tall, fully operational bowstring sundial, one of the largest ever created. Motorized umbrellas, the first of their kind in the United States, “bloom” upon opening, like enormous flowers. The colossal sundial is the centerpiece of the complex’s new courtyard fountain, where water cascades into a spectacular mosaic lagoon, and showcases a family of life-sized bronze dolphins. 

The artistry continues at twilight, when the entire center glows with signature LED lighting. The wall-mounted X4 | aire4 illuminates the building façades with individual lines of light. The designers decided to forego artificial materials for genuine quarried stone – homage to Europe’s timeless piazzas and historic city squares. The X4 | aire4 highlights the Turkish Travertine, a natural stone that forms only in hot springs or ancient limestone caves, and emphasizes the premium quartzite, which lines the courtyard and surrounding rights-of-way. The housing of the fixtures, constructed of 60% recycled heavy-duty 1/4” aluminum extrusion with milled aluminum mounting plate, is an efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing addition to the space.

Architect: Harvard Jolly Architecture
Lighting Designer: Harvard Jolly Architecture
Photographer: Steve Lerum
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  • Location
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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