San Jose Convention Center

Nearly 25 years after it opened, the San Jose Convention Center was in need of a creative renovation and expansion. Designers of the project were challenged to develop a solution that would reflect the Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation. The D7 | accolade7 is the semi-recessed wall wash addition to our 3-1/2” wide accolade series. The aluminum extruded kicker extends below the ceiling 11/16” for a smooth wall wash distribution. In the interior space, D3 | accolade3 fixtures are recessed into the ceiling in staggering lengths, running the span of the pathways and adding a beautiful, modern elegance to the space. The fixtures integrate into the architectural design of the space in a stunning, vibrant way. 

The fixtures create a truly unique experience - one that would differentiate the facility by drawing attention to the city’s strengths - art, culture and technology. Conceived as part of downtown’s ongoing revitalization efforts, the $130 million renovation and expansion required the design team to maximize functional connectivity and seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor space. The project’s design takes advantage of California’s climate, providing ample outdoor space that allows conference attendees and visitors to feel connected to the city.

In the exterior space, D3 | accolade3 is recessed into the redwood ceiling in an “L”-shaped pattern, spanning overhead in the sophisticated venue. In addition, the renovated entry plaza and new terraced plazas along the building’s north and east façades create opportunities for unique meeting spaces that blur the line between inside and out, providing much needed connectivity to Downtown San Jose and the convention center/theater district. 

A clean, north façade maximizes site usage, while the east and west facades fold back to embrace outdoor meeting spaces and landscaped plazas.  Locally sourced materials, including the use of reclaimed redwood ceilings sourced in Northern California, communicate to visitors San Jose’s commitment to sustainable design principles and a distinct sense of place. 

Architect: Populous
Lighting Designer: JS Nolan + Associates
Photographer: Steve Lerum


  • Location
    San Jose, CA
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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