Peninsula College, Maier Hall

Maier Hall is a 69,650 sf, $36 million building at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington, designed by Schacht Aslani Architects, with lighting design by Candela. The building provides state-of-the-art instructional space for fine art, music, and liberal arts programs, as well as a 130-seat performance hall and a learning center featuring writing, math, computer and foreign language labs. Designed for sustainability, Schacht Aslani Architects incorporated a rainwater collection system, natural ventilation through operable windows, and even an eco-friendly moss roof for rainwater filtration over the 2nd story canopy.  
Architrave5 | G5 recessed mounted luminaires abound in the interior narrow hallways, as well as lining wider walkwasys. Placed directly up against the wall in lengths from 4ft up to 28ft, the aluminum FIT™ louvers provide a non-glare wall-wash effect on the clean, white surfaces. In the entryway, while expansive window banks provide most of the natural light in the daytime, the G5 lines the edges of the warm, wood-paneled walls for illumination in the evening. Outside, an open-air breezeway allows students to pass through the building to a viewing platform at the edge of the forest. These exterior breezeway canopies feature lensed D3 | accolade3 fixtures abutted to the wood facade to appear recessed, illuminating the outside corridor.

The project is designed to exceed the 2011 target of the Architecture 2030 Building Challenge for reducing energy use and has been LEED Gold certified.

Architect: Schacht Aslani Architects
Lighting Designer: Candela
Photographer: Steve Lerum
Awards / Certifications: LEED Gold; Architecture 2030 Building Challenge


  • Location
    Port Angeles, WA
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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