Meadowdale Middle School

Integrus Architecture designed the new 103,000 sqft, two-story Meadowdale Middle School using A-Light's accolade2 and accolade3 throughout the space... in the gymnasium, cafeteria, hallways, common areas and flexible learning centers.

The D2 | accolade2 direct/indirect was suspended in the higher open ceiling plan library using the a·parabola™ louver, our glare-control powerhouse, which is designed to effectively and evenly distribute T5HO fluorescent illumination.

In hallways, stairwells and learning centers with lower ceilings, direct D3 luminaires were hung flush to the suspended corrugated metal ceiling panels to form horizontal lines of "shadow and light". MR16 modules at one end of each fixture provides accent illumination and are multi-circuited with the adjacent T5 lamp. Following the same theme, multiple 48ft rows extend along the vast expanse of corrugated metal ceiling panels over the atrium-like cafeteria and gymnasiums.

Architect: Integrus Architecture
Lighting Designer: Integrus Architecture
Photographer: Steve Lerum


  • Location
    Lynnwood, WA
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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Inspiration 2340x324 V2