Main Street Station

A need for urban revitalization and increased ridership necessitated expansion of the station built for the Expo86. Expansion included renovation of the existing entrance and platforms and addition of a new entrance and 87m long connector suspended above the street.  To render the station warm and inviting, 3000K, high CRI light sources were selected for the new lighting system

Despite doubling station’s size, energy efficient technologies, reducing hours of operation with controls, precise optics, strategically placed luminaire annually save 70,000 KWH, earning the project prestigious PowerSmart designation.

Architect: VIA Architecture
Lighting Designer: Total Lighting Solutions
Photographer: Andrew Latreille
Awards / Certifications: Interior Lighting Design Award of Merit, Lighting Redesign (BC Hydro Powersmart)

  • Location
    Vancouver, BC
  • Category
    Exterior Lighting

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