Love Field

Dallas Love Field was originally designed in 1958 by Corgan Architects. Today, now noted for its airport designs, Corgan has also been charged with the current renovation, accompanied by lighting designer Pam Wilson and The Lighting Practice. As of late 2013, the renovations are ongoing but our illustrious photographer, Steve Lerum, snapped these photos of one of the newly completed sections while on his way though the airport. A-Light's D3 | accolade3 luminaires are surface-mounted under all the exterior canopies at lower level transportation loading areas. D5 | accolade5's will be placed into the exterior metal canopy over the upper level dropoff areas.

Architect: Corgan Architects
Lighting Designer: Pam Wilson Lighting Design & The Lighting Practice
Photographer: Steve Lerum


  • Location
    Dallas, TX
  • Category
    Exterior Lighting

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