Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, a provider of corporate networking solutions, selected Valerio DeWalt Train Associates architects, with managing architect Matt Gamache, to create an east-coast showroom and collaborative center. They chose a 16,000-sq. ft.  office-park space and wanted it to express the company’s unique, innovative culture.  Archibald & Meek's own professional lighting designer, Jessica Tsapralis, assisted with the lighting design, specifying the interior light fixtures, including accolade3, accolade5 and aire3.  

Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by a large elliptical wall form with the company logo that anchors a welcoming high-design space. Tall stand-alone X3 | aire3 light poles in the distinctive shape of an inverted “L” are used in a dramatic, sculptural function in the lobby, each 8ft high, with a 3ft cantilever on top just below ceiling height.  The fixtures are equipped with dimmable ballasts, individually adjustable through a computer program, enabling Juniper to further monitor and control lighting costs with precision.

Originally developed by a·light for outdoor area landscaping and pathways, here the X3's are spaced ten feet apart and employ the smaller 3-1/2" D3 housing for indoor use (a custom "integrations" request} rather than the heavy-duty 4" standard X3 housing required for outdoor usage.  Each one in sequence is rotated 15 degrees from the previous, creating a dramatic splaying of light, and referencing angles of the letters which comprise the starburst-shaped Juniper logo. The "L" is custom-attached to the floor in each case, notably without the X3 typical outdoor heavy-duty base, while the upper horizontal piece is attached to and powered through the metal ceiling panels via 1mm aircraft cables at its forward points.  

All fixtures are finished with a·light's proprietary a·lightanium™  powder-coated paint which mimics that on the perforated ceiling-panels, with the appearance of titanium metal. This perforated metal ceiling plane drew its inspiration from blinking lights on Juniper’s own rack-mounted computer equipment. 

A-Light's energy-saving linear fluorescent D3 | accolade3 fixtures shine down through those custom-perforated aluminum ceiling panels, creating what VDT terms a “cinematic” experience as employees and clients walk through the space.  Ceiling panels are a standard USG lay-in system, but with irregular, digitally-fabricated square perforations. Accolade3's are also suspended in 4ft, 8ft, and 24ft lengths via stainless-steel aircraft cable in corridors and in the cyber-cafe to continue the minimalist housing in each area.

Throughout the glass-panel walled, open-plan office space, are D5 | accolade5 linear recessed fixtures in 2ft, 4ft, 8ft, 12ft, 16ft, 20ft and 68ft lengths, flanged specifically to fit narrow 9/16-inch T-Bar, low-scale ceiling-slot openings.  Each employs twin 4ft T5 standard linear fluorescent lamps in cross section and proprietary a·cirrus™ opal-acrylic low-glare lenses. 

The film-imprinted glass panel walls are opaque for conference and “huddle” rooms for privacy; translucent for open work environments.  Square, imprinted cutouts on these colored sections of glass-panel walls duplicate the ceiling perforations.  They subtly allow additional ambient interior light from suspended, low-profile D3 architectural linear fluorescent corridor lights, and from the office perimeter windows, in such a way that the combined light shines through the space without glare.

Abbreviated article by Bill Schoenfisch, PR Images

Valerio DeWalt Train

Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train
Lighting Designer: Archibald & Meek
Photographer: Matt Wargo Photography
Awards / Certifications: AIA Chicago Interiors Honor Award


  • Location
    Bridgewater, NJ
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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