Evergreen Transit Stations

Moody Station | Inlet Station, Evergreen Line.

Intended to carry 70,000 passengers daily, design-built, 7-station LRT Line began operating in December of 2016, extending the local LRT system to 79.6km, making it the longest fully automated rapid transit system in the world.  Successfully designed to a limited budget with optimum simplicity and elegance.  

Fully integrated lighting system preserves clarity of architecture and are a consistent branding element uniting distinctly different architecture of the stations in one line. The challenge of illuminating high vertical circulation areas while keeping luminaires easily accessible for maintenance was resolved in part by utilizing the D series with custom mounting, end-powered mullion mounted luminaires, fixtures suspended by minimal, seismic rated stems, and half span and full span mounting systems.

High performance luminaires, strategic luminaire placement, precise optics, in combination with controls to harvest daylight and reduce operating hours dropped power consumption to 44% below IESNA/ASHRAE requirements.

Architect: Francl Architecture
Lighting Designer: Total Lighting Solutions
Photographer: Andrew Latreille
Awards / Certifications: Energy & Environmental Lighting Design Award of Merit, Interior Lighting Design Award of Excellence
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  • Location
    Port Moody, BC
  • Category
    Exterior Lighting

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