Central Community College

The Central Community College Kearney Center is a response to the needs of Kearney and surrounding communities for an increase in career and technical education programs and training to meet the needs of a growing workforce and community. The center includes technical labs for advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, and construction, health and science labs for biology, chemistry, and nursing, and versatile classroom and student spaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The building embodies the College’s commitment to environmental stewardship and is designed as net-zero ready. The ultra-high-performance design includes a geothermal heat pump system, building automation systems, natural daylighting into all public and teaching spaces, green views throughout, low flow water efficient fixtures, and native landscaping and natural storm water management. 

The use of A-Light D4 product with indirect optics provides an integrated lighting solution that illuminates interior surfaces while disappearing into the architecture of the space. The lighting solution works to accentuate the clean architectural lines, warm interior surfaces, and open lobby without calling attention to the light source itself. Wide symmetric distribution optics were cleverly used to light both the interior ceiling and the exterior canopy from a single continues luminaire, effectively reducing cost and material while achieving the desired lighting design considerations.   

Architect: Wilkins ADP
Lighting Designer: Morrissey Engineering
Photographer: Tom Kessler

  • Location
    Kearney, NE
  • Category
    Exterior Lighting

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