Bullitt Center

The Bullitt Center, the new headquarters for the environmentally-minded Bullitt Foundation, is the largest and first commercial building to target Living Building certification. This certification process is so demanding that only three buildings in the United States have been fully certified as of 2013.

Designed as a leasable office building, this six-story, 50,000 SF space is Net Zero, satisfying 100% of its own energy, water and waste needs. It's been called "The Greenest Office Building in the World" by some, featuring a rainwater collection and filtration system, a green roof, composting toilets, radient floor heating and cooling and solar panels to provide all power generation.

The Bullitt Centers' energy efficiency is 83% greater than a typical Seattle office building. Plenty of natural daylight, user-controlled lighting systems and energy efficient A-Light lighting lead the way towards that goal. D3 | accolade3's are specified throughout each office space, including the stairwell, and a D4 | accolade4 is window mullion mounted, custom cut to fit wall-to-wall, illuminating the entryway and facade.

Luma Lighting
Miller Hull Partnership
TIME article
New York Times article

Architect: Miller Hull Partnership
Lighting Designer: Luma Lighting Design
Photographer: Steve Lerum
Awards / Certifications: Meets LEED Platinum, AIA 2030 Challenge, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero Energy

  • Location
    Seattle, WA
  • Category
    Interior Lighting

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