A-Light's 54,000sqft manufacturing and design facility showcases A-Light products. T5 linear fluorescent units were the vast majority used inside while most exterior lighting is LED.

  • The exterior features X1 | aire1 2ft bollards lining the sidewalk as well as a 10ft tall X3 | aire3 at the walkway inception. Attached to the exterior mullion under our entrance canopy is the D4 | accolade4 in a pattern with 2-45degree corners that follows the building lines and illuminates the canopy.
  • Inside the lobby, D3 | accolade3 surface mount and D5 | accolade5 recessed are combined to create a pseudo U-shaped pattern upon entry. A D3 | accolade3 suspended and D5 | accolade5 wall wash illuminate the reception desk area.
  • The main hallway is accentuated by a 144-ft.-long row of B1 | arris1, following the corridor with two custom 47.5° bends, and painted A-Light signature red.
  • Executive offices contain distinctive span-mount luminaires: a D3 | accolade3 indirect 14-ft. full span is supported simply by attaching ends to each wall without the need for any additional center suspension. Partial span mounted D3's with a·parabola™ louver over the desk are aircraft cable suspended at one end with a wall-mount connection opposite.
  • Office cubicles use a single 4-ft. T5 linear fluorescent D6 | accolade6 slot recessed above each desk, anticipating that large window banks provide indirect daily illumination.
  • Accounting department offices employ A-Light's A1 | arcature1 suspended luminaire with a·parabola™ louvers, while other offices use a single 8ft A4 | arcature4 wall mount with 30degree cut-off blade baffle.
  • A recessed D5 | accolade5 "L" pattern is applied in an ancillary corridor visually splitting the gyp wall while transitioning seamlessly into a t-bar ceiling. The engineering office holds yet another integrations pattern, this time a large U-shaped D4 | accolade4 suspended structure.
  • The second-floor Equinox Lounge, a comfortable meeting/gathering space with a view, at 520-sq.-ft., has only one 24-ft.-long wall-mounted run of T5 indirect D4 | accolade4.  Windows provide most of the daytime light, and the single fixture provides a perfect amount of illumination in the evenings, for agent or client social functions.
  • The manufacturing/warehouse space has 62 skylights, alongside 105 motion-sensored and ambient-light-gauging high-bay luminaires.  Most of these fixtures are not even on during daylight hours, as skylights become “workhorses” for the plant.  An employee breakroom uses only 8 ultra-shallow recessed luminaires in a 680 sq.-ft. space, using a sensational 0.35 watts per sq.-ft.

Using all its own products, A-Light achieved for its new building, including all outdoor area, parking and landscape lighting, an almost unbelievable total of 0.63 watts per sq. ft. 

Architect: Kenneth D. Smith Architects
Lighting Designer: Ron Lancial & George C. Bosson
Photographer: Mark Dell'Aquila


  • Location
    Oceanside, CA
  • Category
    Exterior Lighting

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