The overarching philosophy of a·light can be summed up into two design principles:

…form following light 

This principle directs us to determine the most effective lighting solution for a given architectural environment. An optical platform is designed achieving the intended lighting effect, a minimal housing is developed to integrate the luminaire into the space.

…light following form

This principle directs us to consider the strongest architectural elements and design a mounting mechanism that is refined and completes the integration of the luminaire into the built environment. The luminaire contributes to the architectural intent, creating a pleasant and effectively illuminated milieu.

Product Lines


is optical elegance + elegant aesthetics

Elements are individualized LED & fluorescent luminaires intended to make unique, singular statements of form and light. Fashioned from high-quality materials with superior optics, elements are designed to exacting standards of refined aesthetics sensitive to the needs of the project occupants and the environment.

Elements’ ease of installation, simplicity in ordering and defined options embody luminaires that elegantly stand alone...  uncomplicated, straightforward, elemental.


is optical elegance + architectural integration

Integrations are luminaires designed to integrate into the built environment so that the luminaire seamlessly becomes part of the architecture. LED and fluorescent sources, combined with elegant optical platforms and unique mounting mechanisms, provide a customized lighting solution for each architectural space.

Window mullion mounting, row configurations, pattern construction, library stack mounts, MRI configuration and precise lengths of continuous light deliver a broad palette of options for our lighting specifiers with which to craft their project vision.

Buy America Act | Buy American Act

The Buy America Act applies to iron and steel products and their coatings that are used permanently incorporated in federal infrastructure projects. 

The Buy American Act is a separate program from the Buy America act. The Buy American Act covers specified products and requires the U.S. government to purchase domestic goods and services, unless the domestic product is 25% or more expensive than an identical foreign-sourced product. The act also contains exceptions in terms of trade agreements. Trade agreements are, for example, the NAFTA agreement or WTO agreements recognized by the U.S.

We certify that all a-light products are domestic end products manufactured in the United States, produced and assembled in our Oceanside, California, plant, and that 51% or more of the costs of all components, including transportation costs, are manufactured in the United States. 

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At a-light, we are passionate about the relationship between form and light. We strive to understand lighting’s contribution to architectural design intent, and to develop high quality, energy efficient products that provide flexibility to the designer.

By combining advanced optical engineering with a deep understanding of architectural lighting we develop products that integrate into an architectural space or stand out from it depending upon the specifier’s objectives. a-light products are defined by high performance and a contemporary clean line aesthetic that achieve unparalleled balance, elegance and finesse.

Since 2001, a-light’s luminaires have been specified in tens of thousands of projects throughout North America and have been recognized with multiple Good Design Awards and inclusion in the IES Progress Report. A testament to our culture of continuous improvement and customer focus, these successes drive us to continue to create innovative architectural luminaires for commercial, retail and institutional environments.

As part of the Luminaires Group, a-light can call upon the deep expertise from all divisions in the family to continue to revolutionize the industry with new innovative solutions. More about the Luminaires Group is available at   

The Luminaires Group

The Luminaires Group (TLG) is a leader in the specification-grade lighting industry. Through its unique niche brands (a-light, Cyclone, Eureka and Luminis), TLG provides a wide range of innovative lighting solutions for both interior and exterior use. Each company within TLG has a deep connection to the market segment it serves - designing, developing and manufacturing some of the industry’s most innovative products.

TLG executes a strategy of acquiring companies that bring specific competences to the group and supports them in their continued evolvement. The organization leverages this combined knowledge and expertise to continuously improve process and product design, to deliver the best possible combination of cutting edge lighting and unsurpassed support. Each brand in the group retains its autonomy and brand identity facilitating an organizational culture that is nimble and able react to its own market needs.

Trusted by architects, landscape architects, interior designers and engineers, TLG products can be found illuminating spaces throughout North America. Specified in commercial, institutional, hospitality and urban environments, TLG’s luminaires have been recognized for excellence and innovation by some of the leading authorities in lighting and design. They have received many awards, including several prestigious Red Dot Awards.

Find out more about the Luminaires Group at