Pullman Hospital

Job Location: Pullman, WA
Architect: Collins Woerman
Lighting Designer:
Photographer: Steve Lerum
Awards / Certifications:
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At Pullman Regional Hospital, the B4 | arris4 was specified by architect Collins Woerman for the MRI room as a dimmable LED asymmetric indirect, wall mounted via custom power-feed brackets, with a dust cover provided to maintain cleanliness. Visual comfort and glare-control are key factors in providing patient comfort and accurate technician operation. The arris4 MRI configuration provides appropriate light levels needed to effectively and efficiently illuminate this special application.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) rooms present a unique challenge to designers due to the powerful magnetic force field emitted by imaging equipment. Engineered to precise considerations for MRI room applications, the a·light MRI configuration option offers designers the ability to specify our most popular luminaires in a specialized, non-ferrous, MRI compliant housing. This allows the designer scalable use of matching luminaires throughout the facility, retaining appearance and distribution patterns into hallways, patient rooms, surgical suites, lobbies, atriums, cafeterias and offices.

To order MRI luminaires, use the integrations specification sheet and note the  “-MRI” nomenclature at the end of each part number for which MRI is allowed. Contact the factory immediately to begin the quote/submittal process. Our Design Assist Department, staffed with architectural engineers, is here to help.

Collins Woerman