Powell's Books

Job Location: Portland, OR
Architect: Ernest R. Munch Architects
Lighting Designer: Pacific Lightworks
Photographer: Jeff Lancial
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Powell's Books, the world’s largest independent bookseller, incorporated the D5 | accolade5 throughout its store at the Portland Airport, designed by Ernest R. Munch Architects.  Standard a·parabola™ louvers light the interior shelving units while wall wash louvers illuminate the book shelves and retail product displays around the perimeter of the room. The recessed luminaires were placed close to the approximately 18" recommended distance away from the stack for proper wall wash illumination to the floor.

To cut costs and keep the installation simple, we delivered "elements" 4ft fixtures and simulated a 24' row. Each individual fixure was placed end to end, retaining the t-bar in between, every 4 feet. A standard 24' row would normally only show t-bar around the perimeter of the fixture and would have consisted of 3-12' sections with filler panels at the ends. This configuration created approximately the same look but with a resulting minimal interruption every 4 ft.

Ernest R. Munch Architects