Perkins Coie

Job Location: Portland, OR
Architect: ZGF
Lighting Designer: Frances Krahe & Associates
Photographer: George C. Bosson
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Perkins Coie was a·light's first mullion-mounted project, and today it is still an iconic photograph for us, epitomizing architectural integration. The low-profile B4 | arris4 asymmetric is mounted to the mullion along both conference room window walls via sleek aluminum blocks. It is the only fixture that illuminates this contemporary conference room in the evening. The long rows were measured and cut to exact wall-to-wall lengths, each varying per floor (as-built dimensions were provided by the on-site contractor). In this application, fixtures were abutted at the corners; these days we build precise welded corners to create one entire 90-degree (or other angle) unit. Lighting Designer Francis Krahe & Associates'  Keith Kosiba was responsible for this design, the first of many mullion-mounted masterpieces. ZGF's, Sharon Van der Mullen & Mark Booth, were the project architects.