Parc55 Cityhouse Bar

Job Location: San Francisco, CA
Architect: Gensler
Lighting Designer: Gensler
Photographer: Steve Lerum
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The Parc 55 Wyndham in Union Square, San Francisco, underwent a $30 million renovation guided by Gensler that was finished in June 2009.  In the Cityhouse Bar, adjacent to the formal Cityhouse restaurant, D5 | accolade5 "L"-shaped patterns with trim flange line one of the dark brown walls, spanning overhead in the cozy yet sophisticated venue.

The original design employed T5 fluorescent with the a·cirrus™ lens; however, once installed, it was determined as too much light for the space. To achieve a more subtle look, the contractor hand-painted the inside of the lenses black to further diffuse the light emmission. While this effect worked as they anticipated to reduce light, we do not recommend hand-painting the lens as variations in paint thickness and brush strokes will be apparent, plus heat from the lamps could eventually dry out the paint causing flaking. For the cleanest solution, other than applying a dimming ballast, ask for our LexEfx™ diffusion insert which is about a 60% diffuse solution, or apply a custom screen print.  We have access to a professional printer who is able to screen print just about any material with any color or pattern to achieve the desired effect.