Paradowski Creative

Job Location: St. Louis, MO
Architect: Alan Nehring Design
Lighting Designer: Alan Nehring Design
Photographer: Alise O'Brien Photography
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Paradowski Creative Agency in St. Louis, MO hired Alan Nehring Design for its historic renovation that transformed the inside of a brick warehouse, formerly an electric company substation, into a bright, modern showpiece. Unique and varying colors, shapes, lighting and ceiling heights abound thoughout the space, and the lowly corridor is no exception. D5 | accolade5  4' x 4' "L" patterns were applied in the unusual hallway/gallery forming what we here at a·light like to call the D5 "7" photo. Six "L" patterns are recessed into the canted wall at a standard 90-degree angle, but tilted in the space, highlighting the longer protruding surface that creates the appearance of a number "7". Whether this has any design significance, we don't know... but we love it!

Nehring Design