Obagi Skin Health Institute

Job Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Architect: Horst Architects
Lighting Designer: Rosemarie Allaire Lighting Design
Photographer: Steve Lerum
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The Obagi Skin Health Institute in Laguna Beach, California is a boutique medical, retail and educational facility dedicated to the concept of creating and maintaining healthy skin. The building, by Horst Architects with lighting design by Rosemarie Allaire Lighting Design (RALD), reflects a decidedly modern approach using the forms and materials as a metaphor of the services provided. Smooth, linear 2" x 8" wide L1 | allée1 4ft and 8ft T5 fluorescent luminaires are painted a clean satin white to match and integrate visually into the white ceiling. The fixture's modern lines and indirect, ambient illumination provide a calming effect - an elegant addition to the space.