Murrieta Library

Job Location: Murrieta, CA
Architect: Carrier Johnson
Lighting Designer: Turpin & Rattan
Photographer: Andrew Fordham
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Murrieta Public Library, in the city of its namesake, was designed by local architect Carrier Johnson, with Brett Tullis & Andrew Fordham as project managers, and Electrical Engineer Turpin & Rattan's Ted Keiller assisting with the lighting design. a·light's C4 | alure4 stack-specific fixtures were chosen for design flexibility; each dual-sided, cantilevered luminaire is centered over an aisle, illuminating both sides of the stack. Lengths are in 3ft increments (typical stack standard) up to 24ft. Post heights and arm lengths vary based on stack height and spacing, all pre-calculated by our design-assist team during the submittal process which requires stack dimensions and placement. C4 luminaires offer a broad-distribution library cut-off blade baffle that directs light evenly down onto the book shelves with 30 degree cut-off, while allowing uplight towards the colorful slanted ceiling.

Carrier Johnson