Intuit Regional Headquarters

Job Location: San Diego, CA
Architect: Carrier Johnson
Lighting Designer: Michael Wall Engineering
Photographer: Mark Dell'Aquila
Awards / Certifications: LEED Gold , People's Choice Award in Architectural Lighting-IIDA Awards, San Diego
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Intuit Regional Headquarters in San Diego, with architecture by Carrier Johnsons' Danette Ferretti, and lighting design/electrical engineering by Michael Wall Engineering, Guy Carpino, both of San Diego, represented a·light's first whole-campus project, with luminaires in all areas of the $80 million, 4-building, 460,000 sqft campus, from the cafeteria to the elevators and everything in between.

Guy Carpino achieved more than 35% less energy than a typical office of this massive size, and 30% below California's Title 24 (2005) requirements, saving Intuit over $150,000/year in energy costs, while emphasizing visual comfort and architectural integration. Highly efficient 1-lamp T5HO fluorescent fixtures were utilized campus-wide.

For the cubicle areas, office spaces and some conference areas, the D5 | accolade5  recessed 3" slot was chosen for its IESNA RP1 compliancy for use in computer-intensive environments and for it's clean lines and discrete profile. A single 4-foot, 1-lamp T5HO luminaire was used for each 8'x10' office space providing substantial and uniform direct distribution with no greater than 300 cd at 55° on the desk, effectively controlling computer glare and achieving a very low .70 watts per sqft. A1 | arcature1 suspended direct/indirect (60%/40%) luminares were placed in long rows over cubicle areas with higher ceilings using the same a·parabola™ louver.

Employee offices were built using “demountable” partitions allowing flexible space-planning. Eight to ten demountable offices were grouped into each of 122 “neighborhoods" which are interspersed throughout the four buildings. For the open collaboration areas in the midst of these numerous flexible office pods, a·cirrus™-lensed surface mounted D3 | accolade3 fixtures were chosen to accomodate several different uses of the space, and allow precise-length dimensions, either wall-to-wall or abutted from one coffered ceiling to another.

Corridors and elevator spaces were open to the ceiling stucture above. So D5 | accolade5 "L" shaped patterns are flush mounted in gyp board, mudded and painted up to the lens edge for a seamless appearance, emphasizing each elevator section and highlighting the open, circular ceiling cut-outs that define the space. A4 | arcature4  direct/indirect linear rows were wall-mounted in corridors, enhancing bright green walls while illuminating the dark recesses of the open ceiling and reinforcing the line of movement along the hallway.

Attaining LEED Gold was a priority, and to further assist in that goal, a whole host of energy-saving control systems were put into place, from networked panels in each collaboration space that allowed scheduling of light usage to motion and photocell sensors that automatically turn lights off when not in use, as well as individual occupant override capability. Intuit also used "enhanced commissioning" which entails an IESNA agent running 3rd party verification to ensure the building will run as efficient as initially expected.  

Abbreviated article by Bill Schoenfisch, PR Images

Carrier Johnson

Michael Wall Engineering