Group Health Headquarters

Job Location: Bellevue, WA
Architect: AECOM & Ellerbe Becket
Lighting Designer: Pivotal Lighting Design
Photographer: Jim Meyer
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Group Health Cooperative - Bellevue Medical Center, designed by Pivotal Lighting Design, features seamingly endless rows (over 200 feet long), of D4 | accolade4 asymmetric uplight, wall-mounted, providing indirect illumination for the reception and registration areas, open areas and atrium spaces. Long rows of D4 were also installed in corridors along the hospitals' various wings as an indirect lighting source, with no additional lighting elements required. These integrated rows of D4 act as a cove featuring a clean, defined edge, and achieves a continuous architectural element helping to guide patients throughout the facility.

This D4 product has become the “staple” for many healthcare specified projects throughout the country. It provides the low wattage per square foot for healthcare standard requirements as well as a smooth, captive lens for dust control and ease of cleaning.

Pivotal Lighting Design