Florida Polytechnic University

Job Location: Lakeland, FL
Architect: Santiago Calatrava & Alfonso Architects
Lighting Designer: Festina Lente
Photographer: Steve Lerum
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The Florida Polytechnic University is a brand-new, state-of-the-art educational institution, which focuses on preparing students for careers in advanced fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. A repeated, skeletal form characterizes the Innovation, Science & Technology Building, with a latticed envelope stretched across a series of arched ribs. D5 | accolade5 fixtures are mounted within a series of cast-in-place concrete benches surrounding the exterior of the complex. The benches are a cornerstone of the design, surrounding the uniquely-shaped building, which houses a range of classrooms, auditoriums and research labs, alongside faculty offices and academic administration resources. 

The vast scheme is crowned with a rising operable roof that can be adapted in order to regulate the desired amount of direct light required in response to the sun’s daily movement. The building, which is surrounded by water and completed by four pedestrian bridges, will provide a delightful and breathtaking environment in which students can learn and grow in the years to come.