American College of Chest Physicians

Job Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: Perkins & Will
Lighting Designer: Schuler Shook
Photographer: Steve Lerum
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The American College of Chest Physicians is a center of cutting-edge education where clinicians learn the skills they need to provide first-rate patient care in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices throughout the world. The modern lines of the building are perfectly complimented by the D4 | accolade4 LED fixtures, which illuminate the upper exterior of the building. The fixtures were mullion-mounted, allowing them to nearly disappear into the architecture of the building, and resulting in a stunning glow on the upper story. A perfect example of “form following light,” the D4 | accolade4 fixtures give the training center an elegant, beautiful exterior to compliment the modern design of the interior, which features an auditorium, eight educational rooms, and six simulation labs resembling real ICU rooms. The beautiful and functional design will help the college to advance the future of chest medicine through the expansion of its educational programs.