Alameda Free Library

Job Location: Alameda, CA
Architect: Thomas Hacker Architects
Lighting Designer: JS Nolan + Associates
Photographer: Jeff Lancial
Awards / Certifications: LEED Silver
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The Alameda Free Library, LEED Silver certified, utilizes the C4 | alure4 atop all stack systems throughout the library. Custom arm and post heights match stack height and spacing so each luminaire is centered over an aisle, illuminating both sides of the stack. Lengths are in 3ft increments (typical stack standard) up to 24ft.

Suspended A1 | arcature1 rows are situated over lower shelving units. Both luminaires utilize the broad-distribution library cut-off blade baffle to direct light down onto the stack with 30 degree cut-off, while allowing uplight to accent the beautiful arched wood slat ceiling. 

Thomas Hacker Architects and Janet Nolan Lighting Design collaborated on this project to exceed the 50% 2009 energy-use reduction requirements of the 2030 Challenge.

Thomas Hacker Architects

JS Nolan + Associates