Absorb ABV3

  • Product Family Absorb
  • Location Interior
  • Application Dry location
  • Dimensions 3.2" x 11.9"/23.8"
  • Source LED
  • Mounting Type
  • Distribution
    Direct Direct


Spec Sheet
Installation Instructions

features and benefits

ABV3 features vertical sound absorbing panels made of felt-like polyester made from at least 40% post-consumer recycled PET bottles and are fully recyclable. With a large surface area, the panels decrease reverberation time and have an inherent sound absorption rate of 0.75 NRC. With an impressive direct luminaire, patented HE Tech™ lens, and multifaceted distribution. We combine high performance optics and the most advanced acoustic materials to create a solution for two different problems.

Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements. 


1. Are other colors possible? ​Yes! Frame colors can be specified in any RAL colors. As for the acoustic panels, standard offering is limited to three finishes for quick and easy ordering. Other finishes are possible. Please consult factory for lead times, minimum quantities and costs.

2. Can I specify in 90CRI? Absolutely. Please note that the diffuser might slightly affect the light quality.

3. Are there alternative mounting options? Strut mounting is possible (hardware supplied by others). Stem mount is also possible; please consult factory for details.

4. How many absoring panels do I need? Just as with light, the quantity for sound absorbing material can vary according to the specific reverberation time desired. We recommend consulting with acoustic specialists for accurate analysis and simulation using ourlaboratory tests results. Keep in mind that the more sound absorbing elements you find in a room, the better it is!

5. Should I use Absorb H or V? Depending on your environment, using ABSORB H or V could be proven more efficient in blocking or absorbing undesired noise. On lower ceiling applications, ABSORB V could prove more useful. ABSORB H could help cut undesired noise reflection between room areas.

6. What about maintenance? Acoustic material can be cleaned with mild soap and can be vacuumed if needed. It is non organic/plastic material, bacteria will not expand in the material.

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