Aire X7

Aire X7

  • Product Family Aire
  • Location Exterior
  • Application Wet location
  • Dimensions 4" x 4"
  • Source LED, Dual
  • Mounting Type
  • Distribution
    Direct Direct
    Symmetric Symmetric
  • nLight Enabled Icon nLight Enabled


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features and benefits

Designed for LED only, this clean, discrete vertical ground-mounted, outdoor aire7 bollard provides effective and substantial LED lighting in a minimal 3ft high, architecturally-designed housing.  Achieve the on-center spacing traditionally seen with pedestrian poles, without the vertical presence those products impose upon a landscaped environment, and with far greater energy-savings. Two linear arrays of 6” LED boards provide a wide side-to-side and substantial forward throw of illumination with minimal backlight in an architecturally designed product.

Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.


1-How is the X series constructed different from A-Light's standard extruded housing?
The X series is constructed from high quality 60% recycled aluminum extrusions which are ¼” thick for the rigors of exterior duty. The X7 in particular, is constructed with a 90-degree corner, precisely cut, welded and sanded smooth. The cantilever extends 10-1/2” from the back of the luminaire, 6” is illuminated downward. A precision-milled 3/8” thick aluminum endcap is applied to the facing edge which allows for a horizontal slide-out access panel. An integral power cut-off plug connects to site wiring.

2-What are the ground mounting attributes?
A-Light's stainless steel leveling plate and aluminum base is an innovation in the lighting world for bollards.  The industry standard for bollard installation is typically achieved by pouring & setting the concrete pad using embedded anchor bolts.  Leveling and sealing is done using an extraordinary amount of grout which tends to spill out in between the concrete and bollard leaving a sloppy appearance. Our mounting design is a unique innovation... our proprietary milled stainless steel leveling plate holds the anchor bolts and requires no grout, providing a clean and refined finish every time.
The stainless steel plate is non-conductive & non-corrosive. The installer is able to grade right up to the plate, resulting in the appearance of a bollard sitting on top of the grade, rather than on a lump of concrete. The pyramidal slope of the chamfered base also allows for easier snow & leaf removal around the base.

3-What about direct burial mounting?
The X series bollards may be directly buried up to 4".  Just mount in the same manner, but set it farther into the ground, up to 4", and cover over the base with the surrounding natural materials.

4-What is the lensing for this fixture?
A-Light offers a minimal 6” of illumination extended out from the main bollard. This 6” is protected by a clear outer lens: ¼” tempered glass or polycarbonate, shielding the dual internal LED boards. Lens is sealed with neoprene gasketing. Wet location rated.

5-In which application is this fixture best utilized?
Applications include: exterior ground mount applications for area lighting, sidewalk and pathways, building entrance and perimeter illumination, landscape.
Facilities include: corporate offices, libraries, schools and universities, government and municipal buildings, upscale hospitality and retail, healthcare and transportation facilities, cultural venues.

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