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C4: Features and Benefits

Integrations creates design versatility and opens up opportunity to unify lighting and architectural design.

The C4 stack luminaire is combines structural integration and clean lines with high performance in a library stack environment. Whether single or dual cantilevered, this high performance and versatile fixture is designed to evenly illuminate both sides of a library stack, from the center of the aisle and top of the stack, all the way to the floor.

May be specified as direct/indirect or direct only, asymmetric or symmetric. The Universal Stack Mounting System adapts to any stack manufacturer’s system. Choose a single or dual "V" or "T" shaped configuration. Cantilever dimensions built to specification.

The C series is our collection of library stack integration luminaires and requires assistance on all projects. The C series is the epitome of Integration and therefore, there is no standard product or Elements specification. Contact our design-assist department for consultation as to your specific project requirements.



Technical Information

Dimensions: 2.25"W x 3.325"H per side


Direct / Indirect



FAQs: General

1. Where would I apply a single or dual cantilevered configuration? 
A single cantilevered structure with one luminaire on a side is available for applications near or against a wall or partition. A structure with dual cantilevers and two luminaire rows are applied to a single stack, illuminating two entire aisles. Only one dual-sided structure is needed for every other stack.

2. What dimension requirements do I need to expedite the submittal process?

  • Stack manufacturer and style - submit spec sheets, manufacturer drawings, etc.
  • Stack height (determines optimal post height for light distribution)
  • Stack width/depth (determines arm length)
  • Stack lengths (determines row length)
  • Aisle widths - distance between edge of one stack to the next (determines arm length to center of aisle)
  • Power entry requirements (standard is 3’ in from end of first row)

3. In which application is this fixture best utilized? 
Applications include: library stack.