LED Design

a·light designs and manufactures our own LED boards in-house resulting in economical, dependable and high efficiency light-engine systems. Our engineered optics together with precisely functioning boards maximize light output and offers remarkably even distribution to match fixture design and intent. We utilize precisely binned Nichia™ diodes (the inventor of the white LED) powered by the highest quality drivers on the market.

LED Specification

  • 5yr warranty
  • >60,000 hour LED life
  • Tested to IES LM-79 and LM-80
  • Engineered thermal management
  • Constant current with inherent dimming
  • Nichia™ diodes
  • 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color options
  • 80+ CRI standard
  • 90+ available upon request
  • LED boards designed/manufactured in-house
  • Made in America

LED Distribution

With the advent of reliable, well-balanced, LED light engines, a·light is designing and producing remarkable distribution options to push forward the envelope of lighting.

a·light’s indirect wide LED optics illuminates with unprecedented performance. 2,000 lumens per foot and peak candela of 1367cd at 110° affords the opportunity of setting the luminaires on 20 foot spacing, suspended just 18” from the ceiling. See D1 for this exact optic.

a·light’s Indirect Asymmetric LED optics present uniform distribution along the surface of a wall or ceiling with negligible back splash and minimal hot spot on the surface closest to the luminaire. The asymmetric throw reaches 10 feet from the luminaire at 110° from the horizon of the aperture. 1200 lumens per foot, 1376cd. See D4 for this exact optic.

a·light’s Direct Diffused LED optics utilizes a proprietary lens design that presents the view of the light in a soft, even spread along the surface of the luminaire while allowing for an effective illumination of the task at 2.5 feet above the floor. 1,000 lumens per foot and 750cd at nadir. See D3 for this exact optic.

Driver and Board Specs

LED Boards:

  • Built with high-performance Nichia® LED’s.
  • Heat sync designed to ensure proper performance.
  • LED boards are replaceable, built in foot-long increments.
  • Board position/quantity to be determined by factory.

LED Driver:

  • Power factor > 99%
  • Sound rating A
  • 90°C case rating
  • UL/CSA Listed Class 2 rating
  • Inherent short-circuit protection
  • <20% total harmonic distortion
  • Universal 120-277V
  • Extreme low-temperature performance to -40°C

Constant Current outputs available:

LL__: LED low output  |  2.5 watts/ft (X series only)
LS__: LED standard output  |  5 watts/ft (all series)
LH__: LED high output  |  10 watts/ft (all series)

Consult IES files online for delivered lumens.
Specifications are approximations and subject to change at any time.

Color temperatures available:
80CRI is standard; 90+ is available upon request.
Insert a 2-digit number for color temp after the LED nomenclature.
30 = 3000k
35 = 3500k
40 = 4000k
Consult factory for special order color temperatures.


HE Tech™ lens is the factory standard for use with LED. Available options are dependent upon a particular luminaire.