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"LED in Architectural Lighting Design"

AIA/CES course# ALI204
1 LU | HSW credit applies

Program Summary

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This program will dissect the design of LED lighting fixtures and connect how the internal components, along with human biology of perception, should be considered when selecting quality and sustainable LED lighting products. Participants will discover that LED luminaires in particular allow greater control over the architectural lighting environment. Ultimately, students will be able to select appropriate LED product based on sustainable advantages including greater energy efficiency, significantly longer lifetimes, more precise color rendering and optimized optics.

"LED Optical Design"

AIA/CES course# ALI217
1 LU | HSW credit applies

Program Summary

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This learning unit provides a general overview of the importance of Optical Design using LED light sources. We will review the basic Principles of Optics, LED technologies, Optics for LEDs and the successful integration into luminaire designs. The focus of this presentation is towards interior applications, but many of the principles and concepts carry over to exterior luminaire designs.

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